PLC Notes April 2023

Important info for the month

  • Bring your book
  • Bring a waterbottle

JLT runs from 6:00 pm 4/28 to 4:00 pm 4/29 (These times may change in the near future so be on the lookout for more information)

4/19/23 meeting (skills)

  • Tenderfoot/ second class rank requirements(first aid)
  • Game
  • First aid demonstration with Corben

4/23/23 (lessons)

  • Drugs lesson (led by Anne)
  • Personal fitness during game
  • Realistic first aid by Liam
  • Game
  • Bring water

These are the two meetings happening this month and the one event. Please remember to bring your

books and preferably water for the personal fitness I hope this reaches you well and keep scouting!

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