PLC Notes February

Feb 10-

  • Jeopardy (Breakout rooms with the groups for like 1 min to have them converse the category, bring them back, have a certain representative to answer the questions in all that category, and whoever answers first wins)
  • for the rest of the meeting (if it goes over it goes over)
  • Run By Zach O

Feb 17-

  • Choose your own adventure PowerPoint (Connor’s Idea, Patrol leaders will make the presentation) Patrols will split up for it.
  • Run by Patrol Leaders

Feb 24-

  • Acronyms (Leave no Trace, Tread Lightly, BallsPDQ, 3Rs, Smart goals)
  • Meeting run by Patrick C
  • with acronym based things
  • Game run by Zach O

Eagle scout classes outside of meetings (possibly Tues/Thurs)

  • How many 14yo or first class and above, who want to do communications MB on a weekly basis w/ Mr. Madewell
  • Same for Camping MB w/ Mr. O’Reilly

Misc Notes: Scouting for food (Sat 6), Feb 10th AOLs join zoom meeting, Feb to be all online

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